Presentation Rod Cases and Fly Boxes

Presentation Rod Case

You searched for the ideal fly rod - perfectly balanced, precise action, beautifully detailed.  That special rod deserves an equally special rod case.  Our Presentation Rod Case provides sturdy protection for your prized rod.  Handwoven of select cane, this case has a warm natural appeal.  Several options allow you to customize the design to your own unique tastes.

Rod length     2 piece     3 piece     4 piece

       7'              $675        $575       $500
       7'6"           $750        $575       $525
       8'              $775        $600       $550

       8'6"                          $625       $575
       9'                             $650       $575
       9'6"                          $675       $575

Rod Case Options

Screw on end cap:  Walnut or cherry

Engraved fly detail or plain

Liner:  Aluminum or PVC

Presentation Fly Boxes

The Presentation Fly Box provides a unique display for your special collection of flies.  Finely woven in natural cane or monofilament, these baskets are ideal for display, travel or a very special gift.

  4" diameter     $500.00

Ordering Options:

Base wood:  Walnut or cherry

Weaving:  Blue monofilament, or natural cane

Inside:  Solid foam or 6 foam posts or flocking


Handbags and Fishing Creels

Original Handbag designs and traditional Fishing Creels

Medium Handbag with diamond pattern

Our Arawjo Handbag was first designed by Darryl in 1982 as an original interpretation of a traditional idea.  Woven handbags have been around for a long time but our design is unique.  Woven of cane over white oak ribs with a leather shoulder strap, our handbag is both elegant and practical.

The Arawjo Handbag is available in a variety of sizes.  Ordering options include size, choice of wood for the lid, and style of latch.

Standard woods for the lid and bottom are Cherry or walnut.  Other woods may be available at extra cost.  Please call for details.

Standard latch styles include button latch shown on Slender Handbag or loop and pin latch shown on Medium Handbag.

Slender Handbag

Regular Handbag   9" X 5" X 7" deep           $1200.00

Medium Handbag   8" X 4" X 6 1/2" deep     $1000.00

Evening Bag   6" X 3 1/2" X 4 1/2" deep         $850.00

Slender Handbag   10" X 4" X 7" deep          $1200.00

Slender Petite    6" X 3" X 4 1/2"deep            $750.00 


Presidential Creel

The Presidential Creel with trout inlay is a limited edition of 25. Woven of white oak, shown with a cherry lid.    14" X 7 1/2" X 9" 


Picnic for Two

The Picnic for Two is a unique and practical application for the Fishing Creel design.  Wine and napkin are not included - add your own accessories for a personalized picnic on the go!

14" X 7" X 9"


Fishing Creels are available in a variety of sizes and are great for toting gear and lunch to the stream.

Delaware Creel:   14" X 7 1'2" X 9"         $900.00

Bushkill Creel:    10" X 5 1/2" X 7 1/2"    $700.00

Collector Creel    5" desktop size           $500.00

1" Miniature for necklace                       $300.00  

Other styles and sizes are availble.  Call for details!